Hello! I'm Harry, this is where I park the pictures I can stand to show other people. My main site is over yonder. I also keep a small stash of images on 500px.

Currently I use a Olympus E-M1, a small bag of lenses and Adobe Lightroom. Previously: Panasonic GX1, GF1, Canon 50D, 400D, 300D, 1000F, darkroom.

This gallery is generated offline by my own bespoke C# app and statically served. Server synchrony is maintained with the excellent SyncBackSE. Client code uses Bootstrap, Blueimp and Masonry. HTML is minified using Zeta.

This version was generated on December 30, 2016, processing 827 images.

Questions? I use protonmail.ch; try my first name, a dot, then my surname - Denholm.